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With Skin In The Game







Million in Total







 Ruthian Investment Fund was started in 2019 to take advantage of a unique opportunity in residential real estate. Having experienced the volatility of the stock market for themselves, and seeing investors take large losses in their portfolios, our founders were determined to design an investment fund that would provide alternatives to the stock market, provide excellent investor returns, and reduce the volatility of traditional investment options.


Based out of San Luis Obispo, CA our management team has been selling, buying, and managing property all across America for over 60 years combined. 


Our team has a proud track record of success with a current real estate portfolio valued at $11.6 MILL+. We don’t just manage the fund, we are members of the fund too, this ensures that management and individual goals remain in sync.


the team



Kimberly Conti DeGroot


Kimberly has 20 years of real estate sales and property management experience. She is the founder of Kimberly’s Global Real Estate Corporation. Prior to real estate, Kimberly worked for Eastman Kodak Company. While at Kodak, Kim’s experiences ranged from managing international operations in Stuttgart, Germany to on site management for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta – one of 10 people selected to represent each of the 10 Worldwide Sponsors per Olympic Games.


Kim holds an International Business Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, Kim and her husband, Dan, established the DeGroot Youth Activities Endowment Fund, a San Luis Obispo 503(c) charity that supports local children’s activities in San Luis Obispo, CA. Kim also serves as an Alumni Board Member for Rochester Institute of Technology and serves as a Member of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Business Council. Kim previously served as the Immediate Past Chairperson of the Board for the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Business Council.


"We truly believe in what we are doing, bringing lucrative real estate investments to those who traditionally could not afford it. So much so, that our management team are also investors themselves." -Kim 


Daniel DeGroot


Dan has more than 25 years of real estate investment, finance and property management experience.


He is the CFO of Kimberly’s Global Real Estate Corporation and President of each of DeGroot Investment Group, LLC, Emerald Hills Homeowners Association and Carhill Homeowners Association.


Dan is also a member of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Legislative Action Committee and the San Luis Obispo Blues Baseball Foundation.


Dan also held management positions at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and cofounded the DeGroot Youth Activities Endowment Fund.


"I like that our risk-adjusted return  allows you to diversify your portfolio without sacrificing return potential.  Instead of going at it alone, we are offering you the access and opportunity to invest in residential income properties throughout the US." -Dan

V.P. of Marketing

Amber Grundman


Amber has 12 years of experience investing and managing residential real estate. This includes the annual turnover of units, coordinating repairs, and the placement of new tenants.


Amber has more than 15 years of experience in graphic design, marketing and interior design. She is the owner and founder of 805 Design, a company that offers website design, marketing, and collateral for small businesses. For the past 4 years, Amber has worked with Michael Sagouspe Design, an interior design firm located in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Amber has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from California Polytechnic State University.


"Since we are pooling our resources to grow wealth collectively, we’re able to invest in multiple properties, which diversifies the risk of holding just a single asset. This is great for our investors and I can strongly stand behind our fund and what we are achieving."



John has more than 15 years of experience in real estate acquisition, disposition, underwriting, valuation and property and asset management.


Prior to the launch of Ruthian, John worked in Special Assets Management for Rabobank and managed and disposed real estate owned assets for Wells Fargo.


John has a Bachelor of Science degree in AgriBusiness from California Polytechnic State University.


John Grundman

V.P. of Acquisitions

"It's really a unique opportunity - allowing an investor to try out real estate investing without the burdensome and risky upfront cost."


a row of modern townhomes front exterior in black ann white

The fund was launched in 2019. Now, just moving past its infancy stage it is nearing 25 percent of its membership occupancy and on track to purchase a 4th investment property by the end of 2021. Set up as a private fund, we are keeping the investors limited so as not to dilute the pool of revenue.


With sharp marketing and an intelligent team well versed in strategic property acquisition, the sky is the limit.





Real Estate Volatility Spurs the Need For A Fund

After several glasses of wine and animated discussions concerning real estate and investing, the idea of an affordable fund is born.



Real Estate As an Investment Opportunity for All

After several years of preparation and planning, the business concept and legal agreements are finalized. 


Early Adopters & 1st Purchases

Open to Investors & Investments

The first 12 fund members are fully onboarded and the first property is purchased in San Luis Obispo, CA.




3 New Properties & Marketing

With $1M raised, the fund is able to acquire an additional 3 properties. A marketing plan is put into place to acquire more members and fill out the fund.  

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