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Turn Two Management LLC. maintaining the funds properties

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Founded by the same people that started the Ruthian Investment Fund, Turn Two is our premier property management company. Turn Two handles the day-to-day operations that go along with managing Ruthian’s investment properties.


Turn Two property management services yield increased rental income, a reduction in expenses, a solid understands of the laws that govern residential rental properties and much more.  The team is experienced in wealth management gains through real estate and understands the goals of the Ruthian.


With multiple years of experience, the Turn Two property management team knows that screening and securing reliable and responsible tenants is a primary concern as the property needs to stay in good hands to be well maintained. They also know that dependable tenants want to rent from a firm they can trust, and by working with clients and tenants throughout the property management process, they save us valuable time and money.


Turn Two provides the Ruthian Investment Fund investment properties with the following services:

Current Investments

Property manager smiling with a portfolio in front of a house


Assessing property condition, full cleaning and repair work coordination, rental value assessment, move-in check list completion


Marketing the rental, property showings and detailed screenings, contract prep


Annual property inspections and cost effective maintenance and repairs


Repairs and cleaning, detailed move-out inspection, deposit distribution to tenants

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